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Ft. Worth Journey Bag (WITHOUT IRON) | Stockyards Bag (BMI > 45kg/m2)

Ft. Worth Journey Bag (WITHOUT IRON) | Stockyards Bag (BMI > 45kg/m2)

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Our Journey Bags are intended to be a one-stop for all of your peri-operative needs. This bundle contains the proteins for an effective liver reduction diet as well as the vitamins to start 2 weeks before surgery (for most patients). It also contains our most popular calcium flavors for post-op.

Who is this Ft. Worth Journey Bag designed for?

- BMI over 45kg/m2

Unsure of your BMI? Calculate it here:

- Females who are post-menopausal who are undergoing SLEEVE Gastrectomy

- All patients undergoing RYGB

- Sleeve and RYGB patients who are vegetarian

Who is this Ft. Worth Journey Bag NOT designed for?

- Duodenal Switch patients

- Sleeve gastrectomy patients who have monthly menstrual cycles 



Chewable Vitamin withOUT iron (30 count) - continue for 2 weeks after surgery

Protein Tubs (21 servings each x 3) - choose your flavors above, part of your pre-op liver reduction diet

Wicked Cuts Original Pepper Beef Sticks (14)


Iron-free Bariatric Capsule Once-a-day (90 count)

Biotin 10,000mcg (120 count)

Liquid IV packets (6) - helps you hydrate early post-op


Calcium Chews (90 count each x 2) - All orders include one Mixed Fruit Flavor (Strawberry Splash, Zesty Lemon, and Refreshing Lime) and one Assortment Flavored Jar of Calcium (Cinnamon Roll, Dinner Mint, and Salted Caramel) - Inventory Permitting, substitutions may be required. 

Probiotic 50 Billion Fiber Blend Capsules (30 count)


Wicked Cutz High Protein Beef Stick (one each of original pepper, mesquite BBQ and volcanic jalapeno)

DFW Bariatrics Water Bottle

DFW Bariatrics Shaker Bottle

Hot/Cold Pack with Strap to help with incisional pain after surgery


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