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Strong Hair Bundle

Strong Hair Bundle

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During periods of significant weight loss, hair loss often creates a point of frustration and stress for many people. This is because your body is directing scarce vitamins to other parts of the body. With strong supplemention of the appropriate building blocks, hair loss can be minimized or even avoided altogether.


For most sleeve and RYGB patients, hair loss is worst during months 4-7 after surgery. We recommend starting this bundle around 2 months after surgery.

For most DS or SADI patients, hair loss is worst from months 4-10 after surgery. Because of the greater weight loss, we recommend starting this bundle around 1 month after surgery.


This bundle is recommended in addition to your existing bariatric vitamin.

Each bundle has 4 months of Biotin, 4 tubs of Collagen (30 servings each), and 45mg of daily Iron for 3 months.


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